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  • Cat Brush has comfortable, moderately soft and hard rubber pins that perfectly fit the pet's body, making it easy to comb and improve the pet's comfort. It can also promote blood circulation in pets and is beneficial to health.
  • Cat Brush has three-in-one functions of cleaning, hair removal and massage. With the water tank, you can add water or serum to effectively remove hair. Taking good care of your pet, keeping its coat shiny and soft, can also effectively prevent pet diseases! 
  • Easy to operate, save time cleaning while giving your pet a soothing massage. The special design can effectively penetrate into the fur, loosen knots, improve mood and reduce hair loss. Suitable for almost all animals. 
  • Cat Brush has short, thin teeth on the back that are perfect for removing loose pet hair from clothes, sofas, and other surfaces.
  • The anti-slip handle allows the owner to operate it better. This works equally well for short, medium, and long-haired dogs, cats, rabbits, and more.

Steamy Brush Comb

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