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SOS Special dog shower gel, Special for White Hair 530ml

Dirt Removing,



Deodorizing and Fragrance Retaining.

Ratio 1:10


With British Royal Quality 5 Shocking effects -Strong and Long-lasting Moisturizing : only rich in moisture can the hair have luster texture. Yinuo, through advanced biological extraction technology, can deeply catch and release the biological moisturizing factor, rapidly activate the skin of your pet and lock the water in cells to realize long action moisturizing effect. -Silky,soft, natural and fluffy : while deeply cleaning the hair, the product can strengthen and make the hair more smooth and soft, highlighting the shining naturally fluffy and gradational appearance. -Comprehensive nutrition complement and hair repair. : the hair of the pet requires continuous nutrition complement to keep shining and soft. by adding AFG stem cell factor, Yinuo product can activate the growing cells of epidermal hair follicle and go deep into the hair to repair damaged hair and making the hair flexible and bright from the core to the end. -Natural essential oil for 10 day fragrance retaining: the natural plant essential oil in the product combined with the unique technology of biological factor for retaining slowly releasing fragrance and effectively remove and prevent the sources of abnormal odor and enable natural fragrance on your pet for more than 10 days -International inspection for effective antibacterial function : Tested by British Royal technology, the product 100% safe, gentle and free from irritation, can effectively prevent flea, fungi etc from attacking the body of your pets while the hair and deodorizing . The ingredient of the product extracted from 100% pure natural plant essence, do not contain any chemical additive and adopt tear-free formula with a fresh and natural fragrant, comprehensively protect the hair of your loved pet and enabling you to use at ease. Every bottle is highly concentrated with plant essence and nutritional ingredient which is diluted at 1:10 through nulti-level dimensional crystal emulsification technology. the value of one bottle is equal to that of 10 bottles of ordinary product .

SOS Dog Shampoo For White Hair 530ml

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