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  • Suitable for: Specially for all tropical fish
  • Ingredients: White Fish meal, Wheat flour, Shell fish, Cyanobacteria, Lecithin, fish oil, Seaweed meal, Dry torula yeast casein.
  • Nutrient Content: Min. Crude Protein 49% , Min. Crude Fat 8.9% , Max. Crude Fiber 2.3% , Max. Moisture 6% .
  • Feeding Instruction: feed 2 To 3 time a daily . As much your fish can consume with in 6-10 minutes.

SISO Tropical Flake which has 4 Colors is produced by new formula and discreet processing specially for tropical fish. It contains extremely proportional balancing natural vitamins and fat to enhance vigors and colors of tropical fish. It contains comprehensive vitamin which naturely strengthens the immune system and fish’s ability to resist disease.

Siso Tropical Flake 100ml

SKU: 6970569717678
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