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Rs 59 per UNIT 

Pet Diapers Super Absorbent for Dogs potty training Antibacterial 


1. Top sheet(non-woven fabric),keeps dry and comfortable.
2.Second layer(soft tissue paper),to fix the fluff well.
3.Third layer(usa fluff pulp with Japan SAP),assures high absorbency.
4.Forth layer(soft tissue paper paper), to fix the fluff well.
5.Bottom layer(PE film which is waterproof), guarantees the cleanlines of the bed.
6. Soft breathable non-woven top sheet keeps dry and natural.
7. Fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency.
8. Water-proof film back-sheet guarantees hygiene and clean.




Puppy Pads XL 60*90cm

PriceFrom ₨59.00
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