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  • Multi Sounds Bone Dog Chew Toy
  • Unique, three pronged chew toy
  • Features unique bumps, ridges, grooves & textures
  • Both cleans and strengthens dogs teeth
  • Three unique squeaking sounds are built-in
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation


The Gigwi Multi-Sounds Bone looks like it was delivered from the future! This durable, three pronged chew toy features unique bumps, ridges, grooves and textures on each end that provide an enjoyable, unique chewing experience. Additionally, these odd textures help to both clean and strengthen your dogs teeth, helping to contribute to improved dental health. But this toy has another suprise up it’s sleeves. Not one, not two but three unique squeaking sounds are built into each end of the toy, allowing for a fun, varied play time experience that offers both physical and mental stimulation. These squeaker sounds also help to entice and encourage your pooch’s natural prey drive.

Gigwi Multi-Sounds Bone

SKU: 0846295084918
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