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Bird Leash only. Foot Ring not included.

High-quality Material: Made of premium latex rope, anti-bite, elastic, and durable, metal parts are alos safe and non toxic.
Easy to Wear: The adjustable harness is easy to put on and take off without causing skin irritation or feather damage. Safe to your pet birds. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
Optional Dimensions: The unfold length of the rope is 6m/19.7ft, and there are 4 sizes of inner diameter of the foot ring for options.
Escape Proof: With the rope, you can take your pet out whenever you want, the enough length parrot training harness could give your bird the freedom, while without losing your pet.
Enough Exercise & Training: The light but strong elastic cord is resistant to abrasion, you could try to exercise several times a day, and make a positive experience for your bird. Keep your lovely friend physical and mental healthy and delight.

Bird Leash 6m

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