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Size :

Neck : 5-7cm

Height : 6cm

  • QUALITY MATERIAL - The bird cone is made of high-quality cotton fabric, which is light, soft, breathable, reusable, easy to put on and take off, and will not harm the skin of birds.
  • RECOVERY CONES - There are many reasons why a parrot pecks feathers. It is dissatisfied with life, or is lonely, or parasites cause itchy skin. It can prevent birds from pecking fur, protect their wounds, and restore their bodies to normal.
  • OCCASION - Suitable for injury and recovery training after surgery. It can also be used for bathing and other grooming occasions. This is the best gift for your pet friend. The neckline of the Elizabethan collar has a cute bow.
  • APPLICATION - The magic sticker designs make it suitable for many birds to wear, such as Budgie, Green Cheek, Cockatiel, Lorikeet, Eclectus, Caique and etc.

Bird Elizabeth Collar

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