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Your cat's energy needs will decrease after sterilisation, which can often result in unwanted weight gain. Royal Canin Sterilised in Jelly has been specially created to meet the nutritional needs of sterilised adult cats. It has a moderate fat and calorie content to help ease weight management, as well as helping to stabilise your cat's weight. The mineral content is ideal for supporting a healthy urinary tract, which is essential for natural vitality.
The irresistible flavour of this Royal Canin Sterilised in Jelly will also be a real hit, for even the fussiest of felines!

Royal Canin Sterilised in Jelly at a glance:

  • Balanced wet food for sterilised cats
  • Body-conscious enjoyment: the recipe is exclusively tailored to the needs of sterilised cats
  • Meaty and delicious: particularly tasty jelly surrounding meaty chunks, for highest acceptance
  • Adapted energy content: specially designed for sterilised cats
  • Maintains an ideal weight: for easier weight management
  • Balanced mineral content: for a healthy urinary tract
  • Portioned pouches: for long-lasting freshness

Royal Canin Jelly Sterilised 85g Pouch

SKU: 9003579311776

    Ingredients:Meat and meat by-products, grains, vegetable by-products, vegetable protein extracts, minerals. sugar.

    Additives per kg:Nutritional additives:Vitamin D3 (100 IU), iron (2.9mg), iodine (0.28mg), copper (2.2mg), manganese (0.8mg), zinc (8mg).Technological additives:Clinoptilolite from sedimentary origins (0.2mg).


    protein 9.0 %
    fat 2.6 %
    fibre 1.6 %
    ash 1.4 %
    moisture 81.0 %
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