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Due to the special nature of their senses, cats perceive their environment in a unique way. Ultimately, their wellbeing depends a great deal on how well their senses are being stimulated.

Cats can perceive the slightest taste distinctions in its food in a very specific way. This Royal Canin Sensory Taste in Gravy recipe is specially formulated to stimulate your cat’s sense of taste. The Sensory Taste formula features the taste of chicken, as well as roast, meaty and caramel nuances that stimulate your cat’s unique sense of taste. This makes every meal a pleasant surprise for your cat’s senses.

Royal Canin Sensory Taste in Gravy at a glance:

  • Complete wet food for fussy adult cats
  • Precise taste profile: chicken flavour with nuances of roast, meat and caramel
  • Optimum nutritional profile: instinctively preferred by adult cats
  • Increased wellbeing: stimulating your cat’s senses provides a special feeding experience
  • Healthy urinary tract: supported through an optimised combination of nutrients
  • Fresh pouches: practical and pre-portioned

Royal Canin Sensory Taste 85g

SKU: 9003579018866
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