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The 2 in 1 Smart Bowl by PETGEEK is a game-changing bowl for those dog owners who struggle to ensure there dog gets the correct amount of food each day, avoiding overfeeding the dog that always wants more and avoiding underfeeding the skinny fussy eaters.

This smart bowl is not only able to weigh the correct amount of food for meal servings but can also calculate how much food has been consumed for those concerned about a fussy picky eater who leaves half of the food.

The Smart bowl by PETGEEK is robust, well-formed and hygienic and comes with two bowl inserts to allow for the dual option of the hygienic regular bowl or hygienic slow feeding bowl, an added bonus is that either bowl insert can be removed to avoid lifting the whole scale unit and allow storage of food in the fridge freezer between meals.

Portion Control : 

It's really easy to add a heaping scoop of food
rather than a level scoop, which will end up taking
in extra calories. Weighing pet food is definitely
the most accurate solution.

Slow Eating : 

The ABS container with unique protuberant design
will prevent your pet from gobbling up food. Help to
develop a slower eating habit, for better digestion,
better hydration, easier weight loss or maintenance.

Safe & Fresh : 

The two containers are made of food-grade materials,
including the stainless steel and anti-bacterial ABS,
keeping the pet food inside safe and fresh.

Energy Efficiency : 

Powered by a pair of AA batteries, with approx.
battery life (in-use) of 8 months.
Go into the sleeping mode after 5 minutes of nonuse.

Easy Clean : The 2 – 1 Smartbowl consists of separate parts that you can easily put in the dishwasher.

Petgeek 2-in-1 Smart Bowl

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