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Natura Siberica Wilda Siberica Oil-Plex Pet Shampoo is an organic shampoo for pets, enriched with a set of herbal ingredients that rebuild dry and brittle hair.

Basic Ingredients / Properties

  • Rosehip and cedar oil: moisturize the skin, restore the structure of the coat and give it gloss and shine.
  • Amur Velvet and ginseng: Strengthen the fragile coat.
  • Sage extract: Has a balancing and antibacterial effect.


  • Oily skin
  • Short coat


  • With organic ingredients
  • Vegan composition
  • Suitable for dogs and cats

Wilda Siberica Oil-plex Shampoo 400 ml

  • Directions for use

    • Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet coat and skin.
    • Work well into the coat.
    • Rinse and repeat if necessary.
    • Brush well when dry.
  • Ingredients

    • Siberian cedar oil
    • Amur Velvet
    • Rosehip oil
    • Daurian Rose
    • Ginseng
    • Sage extract
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