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Tofu Cat Litter 6L / 2,4kg

Granulated Natural clumping litter made with soy fibers, natural starches, calcium carbonate, green tea leaves. Clumps instantly and absorbs over 300% of its weight in moisture. Cats like the soft-on-paw texture compared to pellet type litters.

  • HARD CLUMPING: Tofu cat litter forms hard clumps when in contact with cat urine, making it easy to clean and reducing waste. And the clumps won't stick to the sides or bottom of the litter box
  • DUST FREE: This tofu cat litter utilizes Ultra-Dedust Technology to remove 99.99% of dust, reducing the amount of dust that scatters around and making it more friendly for both cats and people
  • ODOR CONTROL: The tofu cat litter contains 3% deodorizing particles, 2% cat litter mate  that effectively eliminate the odor of cat excrement, leaving your home smelling fresh and livable
  • EFFICIENT ABSORPTION: Thanks to its unique formulation of natural materials. It quickly and efficiently absorbs moisture, reducing the frequency of litter changes and making it a cost-effective choice for cat owners
  • LOW TRACKING: The unique formulation of 2.0mm grains prevents it from sticking to your cat's paws and keeping your house clean
  • WATER FLUSHABLE : Made of natural ingredients, it has superior water dissolvable and flushable, you can directly pour the used cat litter into the toilet (Note: Please don't pour too much one time).

Super Clean Tofu Cat Litter 6L

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