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Sometimes you need to have your hands free while running or walking two dogs. Like when you’re carrying groceries, coffee, and a baby. Or when you need to pick up that pesky dog poop. With our Rainbow Hands Free Dog Leash, your hands can be always free for the tasks at hand. Simply wrap the hands free dog leash around your waist and go about your day without worrying about dropping anything.

Whether you prefer to the long leash or short leash, waist-rounded or shoulder-rounded, the cute and multi-functionality design makes Rainbow Hands Free Dog Leash the perfect accessory for any active pet parent!

Note: The D-ring on the leash is movable and feel free to move it your desired position.

Rainbow Leash 250cm

Only 8 left in stock
  • size

    Size Length Diamter Dog Size


    8.2 ft.




    11-66.1 lbs


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