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PRO PLAN® Adult Sterilised Maintenance with Chicken in Gravy Wet Cat Food

At Purina® PRO PLAN® our team of nutritionists and expert veterinarians apply leading-edge science to develop our most advanced and effective combinations of nutrients for your pet.

These recipes help provide targeted benefits, such as high digestibility and high nutrient absorption to support your pet’s natural defences and long term health.
The number 1 ingredient is always high quality pieces of chicken, lamb, salmon, beef, turkey, duck and cod, frozen to lock-in key nutrients and perfectly cooked for delicious taste.

Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Nutrisavour Chicken 85g Wet

SKU: 7613034771186
  • Features

    • Complete wet pet food for adult sterilised (neutered) cats, pieces with chicken in gravy.
    • Helps maintain urinary health by promoting dilute urine
    • Helps maintain healthy body weight
    • Helps maintain strong natural defences thanks to antioxidants, such as vitamin E
    • Tender pieces with chicken in gravy
    • Science Based Nutrition developed with Purina veterinarians
    • No added colourants
  • Ingredients

    Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 4%)
    Vegetable protein extracts
    Oils and fats
    Fish and fish derivatives
    Derivatives of vegetable origin
    Various sugars  

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