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PURINA PRO PLAN Sterilized Adult Renal Plus Salmon is a dry kibble that has been adapted to suit the nutritional needs of neutered cats. After a cat is neutered, its metabolism changes, lowering its energy needs whilst increasing its appetite. Pro Plan Sterilised Cat food has a high protein content and is lower in fat. Neutering your cat also increases its risk of urinary tract infections (FLUTD), but this food has been designed to help to prevent urinary stones from forming. This balanced dry cat food brings together all of the essential nutrients that your cat needs, including vitamins A, C and E as well as omega-3 & 6 fatty acids.

The OPTIRENAL® complex in this food helps to keep your cat’s kidneys healthy and includes amino acds, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. OPTIRENAL can also help to improve kidney function in that it helps to slow down the ageing process in the kidneys. The special kibble structure and mineral content helps to reduce plaque and tartar build-up on your cat’s teeth.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Sterilised Renal Plus Salmon 1,5kg

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  • Features

    • Recipe with high protein content (41%) and 5% non-soluble fibre, containing low levels of digestible carbohydrates to regulate glucose intake
    • A combination of two sources of fish protein can encourage reduced daily caloric intake by up to 10%, to maintain a healthy body weight
    • Balanced levels of essential minerals promote a neutral pH (6.3-6.6) to prevent kidney stones, based on a selected balance of minerals to help maintain healthy urinary function in neutered cats
    • High-quality salmon as the main ingredient to ensure increased acceptance
    • Unique kibble shape and texture helps fight plaque and tartar, reducing both up to 40%
    • Your cat has four natural protective systems, which work together to maintain its health and well-being: skin and coat, digestive system, urinary system and immune system. Adding nutrients to cats’ diets has been scientifically proven to help these four systems work together seamlessly, to optimize your cat's health. Pro Plan After Care with "Natural Feline Protection" strengthens all four feline protective systems: - -
    • Skin & Coat: Vitamin A, linoleic acid and zinc, to improve skin's texture and elasticity. Essential fatty acids from fish oil, to ensure thick, glossy fur
    • Digestive System: Increased content of fish protein and a reduced carbohydrate content, for a moderate glucose intake and limited fat deposits
    • Urinary System: Neutralising recipe for healthy urinary tract and effective kidney function, to reduce the risk of urinary stone build-up, which is increased in sterilised cats
    • Immune System: High protein content for building antibodies and active antioxidants, to support quick disease resistance
    • Pro Plan cat food protects your cat by helping to develop and maintain a healthy immune system, healthy skin and coat, and healthy digestion. All Purina Pro Plan recipes have been developed by veterinarians and nutrition specialists, to provide a complete and balanced diet for your cat, based on its particular phase of life and activity level.

  • Ingredients

    High quality salmon (20%, including head, bones, meat), dried poultry protein, rice, corn protein meal, wheat gluten, corn, wheat flour, dried vegetable fibre, dried egg, minerals, animal fat, hydrolysed protein, yeast, fish oil.

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