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This delicious wet cat food will suit even the fussiest of cats! With a delicious flavour and packed full of nutrients, Cat Chow Adult consists of delectable pieces in succulent jelly - perfect for discerning foodies on four paws.

This cat food is available in a range of different flavours to ensure plenty of variety at mealtimes. Cat Chow provides your cuddly cat with high-quality protein which is essential for a balanced and species-appropriate diet.

Purina Cat Chow Adult Salmon 85g Wet

SKU: 7613037002980
  • Features

    • Delicious wet food for adult cats
    • High quality protein: selected and easily digestible proteins from beef, fish or poultry
    • Delicious texture: consists of tender pieces in soft jelly and attract even fussy pets to the bowl
    • Natural recipes: made with selected ingredients and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
    • Switch slowly: gradually mix Cat Chow into the previous wet food and slowly get your pussycat used to the new meal
    • With taurine: important amino acid for normal vision
    • Vitamin E: can support a normal immune system
    • Variety in the food bowl: different flavours available
    • In sachets: always fresh and tasty, simply tear open and serve
    • High moisture content: can help ensure adequate fluid intake
    • Balanced & complete: suitable for daily nutrition
  • Ingredients

    Meat and animal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products* (of which salmon* 4%), minerals, vegetables* (0.8% dehydrated green beans corresponding to 7% green beans), various sugars, yeasts*

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