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Our guidelines can relieve itching, dry claws, and noses, restore moisture and comfort. Provide protection for claws, not affected by the weather.




Repair dry And cracked

Strong skin

The purity of our ingredients makes it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin.

Allergies and/or conditions that require regular maintenance to combat, scaly, rough, scabby skin including hyperkeratosis.

Paw Cream Balm 30g

SKU: 6974792110305
  • Ingredients

    Sunfower oil, coconut oil, white beeswax, vegetable oil, breast fruit oil, Brazilian palm wax, candle wax, vitamin E, and aloe vera.

  • Application

    Small massage to the foot or apply it on the nose. Make sure it is completely absorbed and let the feet dry before the event. Use to achieve maintenance every day.

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