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KittyMilk is a comprehensive nutritional supplement and milk replacer for cats & kittens. It matches queen’s milk in fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral content. KittyMilk is used as a food source for orphaned or rejected kittens, and also for those needing supplemental feeding, including pregnant and lactating queens and convalescing cats.

KittyMilk 250g

SKU: 6004354000475
  • Ingredients

    Each I 0g contains protein (min) 3,Sg, fat (min) 2,3g, ash (max) 0,7g, moisture (max) 0,Sg, carbohydrates 3,3g and not less than: arachidonic acid 20mg, vitamin A 200i.u., vitamin D I I i.u., vitamin E Si.u., vitamin BI 600mcg, vitamin B2 I 00mcg, nicotinamide 1,2mg, calcium pantothenate 750mcg, vitamin B6 600mcg, vitamin B 12 2mcg, folic acid Smcg, biotin I Smcg, choline 24mg, arginine 180mg, methionine 65mg, taurine 20mg, potassium 60mg, sodium 20mg, phosphorus 80mg, calcium I 00mg, magnesium 8mg, iron 0,8mg, copper Smcg, fluoride S0mcg, vitamin K I mcg, selenium I mcg, zinc I 0mg, manganese 75mcg, iodine 3,Smcg.
    Ca/cium:Phosphorus ratio 1,25: I
    Energy content per I Og: I 96kj

    KittyMilk contains milk protein, animal and vegetable fats, egg yolk, maltodextrins, soya isolate, taurine, arginine, methionine, vitamins, trace elements and BHT (antioxidant).

  • How to use

    The mixture should be freshly prepared using lukewarm water for each feeding in a Kyron Pet Nurser Kit. For ease of mixing, first make a paste using the required dose of KittyMilk powder and an equal amount of water. Then add the rest of the water while mixing well. Recommended dose: kittens should receive 2 measures of KittyMilk reconstituted as above, per 150g bodymass daily.

    • For very young (less than 7 days old) or malnourished kittens: mix I heaped measure KittyMilk with 2 measures lukewarm water.
    • For older kittens (7 days and older): mix 2 heaped measures KittyMilk with 3 measures lukewarm water.
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